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Company Profile

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GM Machinery Ltd is a supplier of a wide range of machinery to the home & overseas markets.The company operates from its own one acre site with a covered warehouse area of 22,000 sq ft with combined lifting facilities of over 55 tons.We have extensive parking and office facilities.

The main warehouse is located in the County of Lancashire, it is situated less than 3 miles from the major M60 Motorway which is the newly developed Manchester Ring Road and only 30 minutes car journey from Manchester International Airport and City Centre. Machines can be run and demonstrated under power and we welcome all visitors from the UK and overseas.

The warehouse is also used for export packing of machinery and equipment into general purpose, open top or flat rack shipping containers for export worldwide.

In addition to our main site in Oldham, Greater Manchester we have further warehousing available for machinery storage and with our combined facilities have established ourselves as one of the largest machinery suppliers in the North West of England. 

The company has recently placed orders with Street Crane in the UK for over £55,000 for the installation of two new 12 metre span overhead travelling cranes one with a capacity of 15 Tons SWL and the other 20 Tons SWL the cranes run in the same bay giving more scope to handle heavier machine tools and equipment.

Our commitment to the business is unquestionable which is indicated by our growth over the past 17 years. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service which gives total satisfaction to the all important customer many who have become our friends over the years.

In addition to supplying machinery please feel free to discuss with us any of the following services which we can also provide:


Your enquiries are important to us !

Please keep us advised of all your requirements we may have just purchased it or at least know where we can acquire it for you.Your enquiries will receive our immediate attention and we will use our extensive contacts both manufacturers & associated machinery suppliers to come up with the right machine for you. We also have an extensive global network for sourcing hard to find equipment.

Machinery to Sell ?

We are always interested in a wide range of equipment to satisfy enquiries we have at home & overseas.Please advise us if you have one machine for sale or an entire workshop. Also please remember that we have enquiries for older type machines as well as modern conventional & CNC.We can also arrange to sell machinery on your behalf by private treaty or online auction sale taking a commission once the machine has been sold. We offer a no sale no fee service which is very popular on modern higher valued plant.

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Over the last few years the company has developed strong markets in South East Asia selling & installing equipment in Countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia & The Philippines. Over recent months many machines have been sold to India, Peoples Republic of China, Iran & Vietnam. Major items of equipment can be dismantled, packed & shipped worldwide. Here is a recent example above of a Craven 14ft Heavy Duty Vertical Borer which was dismantled & packed on site. The machine weighed 90 tons and was shipped using 2 x 40 ft Open top containers and 2 x 20 ft Flatracks, the destination - Indonesia.

Another recent shipment was a Swift Model 24F Heavy Duty Lathe 48inch swing x 14 ft between centres shipped in 1 x 40 ft Open Top container. The machine was 24 tons,the destination - The Philippines. Prior to packing, all equipment is applied with rust preventative and secured with timber and ratchet type securing straps.

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We welcome enquiries from overseas and prices can be quoted (FOB) Free on Board,(C&F) Cost and Freight or (CIF)Cost,Insurance and Freight. If required we can offer full turnkey projects from single machines to complete workshops or production lines. If you are planning to install engineering machine shops or process engineering production we are able to supply all the necessary skills to dismantle,containerise and re-install anywhere in the world.

Machines - Wanted

Please find below a list of machines we are always interested in purchasing :

  • Horizontal Floor Type & Table Type Borers
  • Webster & Bennett Borers Berthiez Vertical Borers
  • Schiess Vertical Borers - Particularly CNC
  • Colchester & Harrison Lathes
  • CNC Vertical Borers & Older NC type table diameter 48" or larger
  • Gap Bed Centres Lathes 25"-96" swing x 10 feet or more between centres
  • CNC Lathes CNC Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centres
  • Cyl Grinders & Roll Grinders 24"-72" swing x 10 feet or more b/c
  • Bed Type Mills - Butler,Correa,Huron,Zayer,Lagun & Mecof
  • Gear Machinery - Lorenz, Gleason,Pfauter, Sykes,Reishauer
  • Bridgeport Turret Mills
  • Jones & Shipman Surface,Cylindrical & Universal Grinders
  • Oil County Lathes - All types
  • Cincinnati Centreless Grinders
  • Screwing Machines - Particularly Teledyne Landis
  • Hydraulic Guillotines
  • Bending Rolls
  • Press Brakes
  • Welding Rotators & Positioners
  • Welding Equipment
  • Hyster Fork Lift Trucks 5 tons or more lifting capacity
  • Overhead cranes 10 tons or more lifting capacity
  • Heavy Duty Machines including Planer Mills, Borers,Lathes
  • Hugh Smith Rolls & Presses
  • SIP Jig Borers - All Models

Urgent Requirements
  • Lathe to swing 72" over bed x 20 feet between centres
  • Lathe to swing 48" over bed x 20 feet between centres
  • CNC Lathe to swing 48" over bed x 4 - 6 metres between centres
  • 30-40 ton overhead crane
  • 150 ton & 300 ton overhead crane
  • Centreless grinders 5-500.2 machines
  • Large Vertical Borer 120" to 240" table
  • Scharmann Ram Type Floor Borer 160mm Spindle
  • Asquith 5RM,6RM,7RM Floor Borers
  • Guillotine 20'' x 1/4" Capacity or larger
  • Roll Grinder 30" x 18'' between centres with taper grinding
  • Roll Grinder 2000mm swing x 6-7 metres between centres.
  • CNC Lathe must swing 30" minimum over saddle x 10'' b/c.
  • Herbert 14/36 & 14/45 Turret Lathe
  • Coupe-Hugo Pipe Bending Equipment 10" + Capacity
  • Pipe Bender 6" dia. + Capacity
  • Hydraulic Double Pinch Rolls 3000mm-6000mm wide x 50mm +
  • Toshiba CNC Model BF130,BF160 & BF200
  • Floor Type Borers
  • Rotary Tables 2000mm x 2500mm or larger.
  • Roll Grinders 1200mm x 5000mm
  • Crankpin & Crankshaft Grinders.All sizes.
  • Webster & Bennett 120" CNC Vertical Borer - 2 machines
  • Teledyne 4" & 6" Screwing Machines
  • Hydraulic Pipe Benders 2" & 3" Outside diameter
  • CNC Bed Mill 8000mm X travel.2000mm Y travel.
  • CNC Union Table Type Horizontal Borer 110mm Spindle - Urgent !!
  • Hugh Smith Presses & Rolls
  • Dean Smith & Grace Lathes - Type 25 & 30
  • Worm Grinders 1500mm + Between Centres
  • SIP Jig Borers - All Sizes

Machinery Removals

The company operate a number of vehicles our latest fitted with a PM 42 tonne metre crane. Recent acquisitions include a factory rebuilt HYSTER S7.00 Gas Fork Lift Truck with a lifting capacity of 7 Tons and a Versa-Lift 40/60 Heavy Duty Extendable Frame Fork Lift capable of lifting 27,300 kgs at 900mm load centres on the forks this machine is available for hire with or without driver as is our Versa-Lift 60/80 which is capable of lifting 44,800 kgs at 560 mm load centres on the forks. Please contact our offices for quotations.

These investments along with our other HYSTER Fork Lifts and very modern hydraulic jacks, skates & associated lifting equipment allow us not only to service our own logistical requirements but offers a valuable facility to our customers throughout the UK.

Prices can be quoted for re-locating machine tools, machine tool removals or complete factory re-locations or closure programmes.

Retirement Beckoning or Closing Down ??

We want to buy complete contents of engineering workshops. If you are considering selling your machinery by auction then we have the facilities to sell online using the internet. We can sell on your behalf or alternatively buy from you prior to the sale.

We may also be interested in acquiring your freehold property via our investment vehicle GM Property Group or even acquiring your company as a going concern.

Difficult cases undertaken including landlords rent settled or  finance arrangements cleared.

Free no obligation visit.Complete confidentiality assured.

Website - Browse Our Site Anytime !!!!

" The company is committed to the idea of promoting our goods via the internet and our website is regularly updated.It is our intention to continually expand our site to include many more items offering a wide range of equipment with emphasis on value for money.We welcome enquiries worldwide and look forward to receiving any suggestions from visitors to our site".

David F.Taylor
Managing Director


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